LMSI aims to be the premier company in Maintenance Management, Technical Audits, Engineering Projects, and Energy Management in Buildings, seeking recognition as a benchmark for quality, competence, and rigor in its field of activity.


LMSI provides specialized consultancy in Engineering Projects, Building and technical infrastructure management in the areas of Design, Operation, Maintenance, Efficiency, and Energy Management, aiming to:

  • Ensure the well-being of people, occupants of buildings;
  • Contribute to the optimal performance of building systems and infrastructure, seeking to optimize operating costs and increase the value of real estate assets;
  • Ensure energy efficiency and sustainability in buildings;
  • Act with a focus on the Quality of its services, environmental protection, and promotion of Safety and Health conditions at work, following the guiding principles of its Integrated Management System (IMS).
  • Contribute to a service approach considering a human-centered, inclusive, and integrated perspective.


LMSI’s intervention is guided by the strict adherence to ethical and deontological codes, incorporating the following fundamental values:

Ethics – Ensure transparency and total impartiality and independence from the supply chain;

Innovation – Outline and propose suitable solutions to each problem using the best available technologies, providing the best working safety conditions;

Quality – Permanently exceed the expectations of our clients and be recognized as a partner that guarantees the quality of services provided;

Rigor – Precision in calculations and dimensioning, and compliance with agreed-upon deadlines;

Occupational Safety – Assess health and safety conditions at work, implementing preventive measures for identified risks;

Human Rights – Not accept any violation of the United Nations Guiding Principles regarding human rights in labor practices, promoting and protecting in line with the principles of freedom, democracy, equality, and the rule of law;

Labor Code – Promote and apply the requirements of labor legislation;

Employee Protection – Support our employees and their families in situations of illness, support for parenthood, resolution of personal conflicts, and other identified support and protection needs;

Training – Continuously invest in acquiring technical skills, valuing our employees and developing technology and the skills and involvement of our employees in technical, sustainability, environmental, and health and safety at work (HSE) areas

Sustainability – Seek and define solutions that minimize the negative impact of buildings on the ecosystem in which they are located and sustainable solutions at environmental, social, cultural, and health and safety levels;

Improvement – Ensure a positive, equitable, and responsible contribution through example in the communities surrounding LMSI and its clients.


To continuously improve the Integrated Quality, Environmental, and Safety Management System and contribute to greater efficiency and effectiveness of LMSI, the following commitments are made:

  • Provide services with quality, surpassing the needs and expectations of clients as per established contractual requirements;
  • Contribute to environmental protection by reducing ecological footprint through pollution prevention and consumption reduction throughout the life cycles of buildings;
  • Comply with applicable legislation regarding Environment, Safety, and Health;
  • Integrate Safety, Health, and Environment into the company’s strategy and activities, providing the best working conditions and safety and involving all employees and service providers in the Safety and Environmental protection culture;
  • Identify the hazards of all activities and assess and manage risks, minimizing negative impacts on people and the environment;
  • Promote consultation and participation of employees or their representatives in SST matters or other issues related to their activities;
  • Promote training and skills development for all employees and service providers;
  • Provide the necessary resources that contribute to the continuous improvement of processes.

This policy is communicated to all employees and applied within the organization, and it is made available to relevant stakeholders, being disclosed on the LMSI website.


Pedro Malheiro