Luís Malheiro

Our role in the national economy and, increasingly, in the global context in which we live, involves ensuring Quality and Innovation and maintaining Knowledge and Technology. We are adding value to projects, works, and buildings, providing energy-efficient solutions, environmental sustainability, and optimization in terms of investment and operating costs. We adhere to independence and equidistance in relation to all the players present in the market. The following objectives are also fundamental:

 Investment in the training of employees, in accordance with the principle that “better employees will make a better company”;
Compliance with ethical codes;
Fair remuneration, adding value to all stakeholders involved.

We have been in the market for over 35 years. Today we have a capital of recognized prestige and are very proud of the significant list of works carried out and the quality and loyalty of our clients.

The times of crisis that we live in Portugal, and in the World, are a threat and should be a cause for concern and prudence, but also for hope. The strongest and most resilient will adapt and have new opportunities in an increasingly global future.

The partnership with Sonae Sierra, established in 2019, reinforces this aspect and is naturally a strong argument for credibility and stability both in domestic and external markets. 

We are a company that transposes the first generational cycle, full of strength, commitment, and motivation, becoming better and more organized. We are dedicated to the challenges of digitalization and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the coming years. These demanding challenges require solutions for which the combination of the energy of the youngest with the knowledge of the most experienced is fundamental.

Working at LMSI is an opportunity for individual growth. It is an enormous pleasure to bring together the strengths of each individual to achieve the goals and success of all.

Honesty, common sense, rigor, imagination, mobility, and a lot of effort are required.

Luís Malheiro